Acrylic board will swell and shrink, do you know?
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Acrylic board will swell and shrink, do you know?

  Friends who often use plexiglass and plexiglass products should know that plexiglass is not heat resistant and cannot be used in high temperature environments. Now, let's talk about the knowledge of thermal expansion and contraction of plexiglass.

1. Acrylic processing factory reminds that plexiglass starts to soften at 101 °C, so it should not be used above 75 °C.

2, the coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic is very large, its thermal expansion and contraction is equivalent to nine times the metal, due to temperature changes must be taken to the plexiglass device and fixed clearance should be reserved.

3. When acrylic has static electricity, it is easy to pay dust. When cleaning, only 1% of soapy water is needed. Using soft cotton cloth and soapy water can easily remove dust and achieve clean effect.

4, Acrylic surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum alloy, must be added after use or processing, once the surface is scratched, can be polished with copper oil to achieve the original radiant surface.

Acrylic sheet can be processed into acrylic tissue box

The acrylic tissue box is not only practical and durable, but also exquisite and beautiful. The transparent acrylic material has a crystal clear texture, which also makes it easy to observe the change in the amount of paper towels. What is more worth emphasizing is that the panel adopts a separate design, which naturally drops as the paper towel is taken, and the paper towel can be fixed to facilitate pulling.

The male cloth acrylic tissue box, while enhancing the practical functions of the traditional tissue box, is also integrated with the cultural taste of the product quality and beauty in the new era. Nowadays people's living standards have improved. The acrylic tissue box has a unique shape, crystal clear material and attractive appearance. Therefore, more and more people are loved by the hotel, which is also a good decoration for home life. .