Acrylic display stand quality assurance welcome to buy
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Acrylic display stand quality assurance welcome to buy

The display rack is also known as product display stand, promotional stand, portable display and data stand. According to the characteristics of your products, design matching product promotion display racks, coupled with creative LOGO signs, make your products stand out in the public, thus increasing the role of advertising on products.

This kind of display cabinet has the most precise requirements for production and design. It is not only the manufacturer who wants to use the best materials, but also the design requirements. This is of course inseparable from the nature of the exhibition, because it is in the exhibition. One of the most obvious features is the collection of a large number of display merchants and a large number of user groups, so it is necessary to be able to focus on users in thousands of merchants, and must make some efforts in design, including lighting, vi, and color matching. Etc.; Exhibitors consider that the nature of the exhibition will have certain material and safety requirements for the display cabinets of the merchants, and they must be more demanding than the display cabinets that are stationed in the malls; the exhibition showcases are mainly used for the Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, and Exhibition. The exhibits of trade fairs in various regions, such as the pavilion, are ordered by the whole booth.

There are four more points that need our attention after the processing and completion of acrylic products:

First, the thermal deformation of ordinary acrylic sheets is stable at about 100 degrees, so pay attention to this temperature when using acrylic products. For example, the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees when used continuously.

Second, the hardness of the surface of acrylic products is equivalent to aluminum, so care should be taken to avoid scratching the surface during use or acrylic processing. If scratched, the original shiny surface can be restored by polishing.

Third, the acrylic products that are slightly scratched or caused by the adsorption of dust caused by static electricity can be wiped clean with a soft rag with 1% soapy water.

Fourth, this point is the detail that needs to be noticed during the assembly process of acrylic products. Because the acrylic sheet has a certain expansion coefficient, it must take into account the thermal expansion and contraction factors of the acrylic sheet during installation. Leave a space gap for expansion.