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Acrylic food box factory customized

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Material: transparent acrylic

Packing: according to the requirements of the guests

Process: cutting, polishing, hot bending, bonding

Production method: after placing an order, we will have a production order to our production workshop, and the workshop supervisor will arrange to make this transparent acrylic food box for the production master. The basic process is as follows: first, open the transparent plexiglass material of acrylic food box; Then take it to the polishing group to polish the edge of acrylic materials for our professional polishing staff; Third, go to the acrylic semi-finished product production workshop to tear off the protective film, and then use acrylic glue to bond, and then do another hot bending process, and then bond into a finished acrylic food box; Finally, packaging and shipping.

Is there any requirement for the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is generally 50, but in fact it can be negotiated, and it can be customized according to the number of customers want.

What is the logistics of this product?

Logistics can be delivered according to the requirements of customers. If there is no requirement, as long as it can arrive, we have professional cooperative logistics to deliver goods

How to order and customize?

You can see my article. You must have entered our website. You can call the number on our website. After negotiating with our business, we usually pay a certain deposit, then make the goods, and pay the balance before shipment.

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